Website Redesign

Website Redesign - is it worth it?

Give your site more than just a fresh coat of paint, give it a whole new life!

You will have less than 10 seconds to make an impression on your visitor before they decide if they want to stay longer or hit the back button and go visit someone else's web page. And if you're a business owner and your website is not helping bring people in, your website might be actually hurting your bottom line rather than helping it. We can help you with your website redesign and give it the face lift that you've been planning.

What are the benefits of redesigning your website?

Some of the benefits of redesigning your website:

1) It will get your website up-to-date on the latest design trends, giving a fresh new look that will bring you to a even playing field with your competitors
2) It can help your site get a better ranking on organic search results.
3) It can improve user experience, which can result in more conversions from visitor to client.

Why should I redesign my website?

There's be a number of reason why you should redesign your site. How easy is it to find something? How does it compare to other sites? How long have you had the site? Have you had the same site for the past 3 years? Is it search engine friendly? You should consider all of these questions in order to decide if you need a redesign. Even great companies like Nike and Coca-Cola are constantly changing their website.

The bottom line is: If your site is not bringing you new customers, or customers are leaving your site frustrated, its time for you to update your site.

Will I need to redesign ?

Not necessarily. That is why a fixed quote on redesigning a website is give on a per case basis. Most of the times if the website has an adequate structure and is not too old we are able to simply give it a facelift without having to re-structure the majority of the site.

However, sometimes we come across a website that will need so much work to redesign and update it, that doing so would be more than the website is worth. These sites were created either without having search engines in mind, of were made with minimum effort by lazy developers! Rather than spending hours and hours trying to clean up someone's mess, we might recommend you to toss everything out and start fresh with a brand new design.

If you want to Re-Design your website, Please consider us.

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