How to Launch Your New Website?

Your new website is all ready with sparkling new images and Shakespeare style content and now its time to launch your new website, what would you do?

We would suggest to do the following:

  1. Install Yoast SEO plugin in your WordPress
  2. Optimise every content page and post using Yoast
  3. Use Google Keyword Planner to understand which keywords are easy to optimise for
  4. Write blog posts keeping in mind SEO
  5. Cross-post on Social Media handles of yours
  6. Create Sitemap.xml
  7. Open a Google Search Console Account
  8. Submit your Sitemap.xml to your Google Search Console Account
  9. Install Google Analytics
  10. Watch traffic in Google Analytics & Google Search Console Accounts
  11. Do a very low budget SEM - PPC with as many as keywords suggested by Google Keyword Planner
  12. Try to get the free SEO Traffic as much as possible.
  13. Keep writing great quality content and Yoast SEO Optimisation
  14. Try doing Google Display Marketing. The CPM model is a steal.
  15. Plus do Remarketing.
  16. Enable a MailChimp Newsletter signup
  17. Keep mailing the list when posting a new blog post
  18. Convert blog posts into video for YouTube where it would get more traffic
  19. Install Behaviour Analytics ( and see how the traffic uses the website
  20. Learn the basics of Content Marketing & SEO. Keep blogging.

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