Tips for Choosing A Domain Name

A domain is like an address, a web address. Your customers and prospective customers are going to visit you by typing the web address in their web browsers and thus it has to be convenient for them. It has to be an easy name, with no possible pronunciation mistakes converted to spelling mistakes. If there would be spelling mistakes your visitors would reach some other DOT-COM and not yours.

Hence you should know that a good website always starts with a SOLID domain name, a name which has more recall value and can be easily remembered and can again paid a visit by the prospective customer by just the recall value and hence typing the web address.

Here in this post we are listing top 5 tips for how to go about tips for choosing a domain name:

  • Stick with the dot-com

Besides of the more than 100+ new top-level-domains-extensions that are there, a dot-com is considered as of a maximum trust because all top-level websites still use the dot-com domains. There is not even one famous website which use the other TLDs. Besides dot-com is considered universal.

  • Keep it small and simple

Yahoo, Google, Hotmail, Uber, Airbnb, Salesforce etc. they all have short or simple domain names which are easy to remember and easy to type. Imagine you on a sales call and you have to spell out the domain name to your customer and the domain extension again. It would be a lot better if you have a small and simple domain.

  • Stick to the domain names that are easy to spell

Don’t use domain name spelling hacks like calling your dot com Yes, you want to call your website with the name school and it’s not available. This is bad. In addition, using hyphens is also motivating and also should not be used, because if a customer forgets to type a hyphen he will also reach a competitor’s dot-com.

  • Consider your niche

A potential visitor should read your domain name and should be quickly able to identify what services you offer or what niche you fall into. Your domain name should be able to communicate that. For e.g. – Hotmail communicates it’s an email service.

  • Use keywords in your dot-com sensibly

Using right keywords in your dot-com helps you do easy Search Engine Optimisation in search engines. It has been seen that when a search is made of a product or service the domain names with the name of the product or service come higher ranking in the search results.

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