How does Content Marketing help?

What benefits of Content Marketing?

  1. High Visibility On Search Engines
  2. Higher Domain Authority
  3. Increases Conversion
  4. More on-site content
  5. More referral traffic
  6. More social traffic (and followers!)
  7. Improved brand reputation
  8. Tighter customer/reader relationships
  9. Universal utility
  10. Decreased marketing costs and compounding value
  11. Increases visibility of your brand
  12. Helps you build authority & credibility

How to do Content Marketing?

  1. Define Your Goals
  2. Identify Your Audience
  3. Research Target Keywords
  4. Find Related Keywords
  5. Outline Your Content
  6. Audit Your Content & Analyse Results
  7. Don't be afraid of new things
  8. Establish your KPI
  9. Figure Out the best content channels
  10. Decide on Content Types
  11. Decide on media types and distribution channels
  12. Create a content calendar
  13. Take a content inventory

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