Behavior Analytics

Once you have signed up for a special package in our dot-com services besides the promised services we will also provide you with the mentioned special services which no other dot-com agency in the world provides.

  • Promises from Our Agency:
    • You would be able to see a screen recording of the interaction of the customer with the website.
    • Every click and every mouse movement.
      • Recording which would show you why Visitors don’t convert
      • Watch movies of visitors trying to use your website
    • You will be able to live chat with the customer
    • You will be able to see Heat Maps
      • It records:
        • Clicks
        • Moves
        • Scroll Depth
    • You will be able to see complete Form Analytics
      • Easily Identify problem areas on your form with these great reports
        • Abandonment Report
          • Identify which fields of your form cause abandonment
        • Time To Start
          • Identify how long a visitor is on a page before filling out form
        • Field Time Report
          • Identify which fields of your form take the longest to fill out
        • Average Order
          • Identify the order in which the form is actually completed
    • You will also be able to see the Conversion Funnels
      • Instantly identify the largest drop-off points in your conversion process
    • You will also be able to create Polls for your website:
      • Polls provide instant feedback

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